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Dry Pro Water Fire Mold Inc: Water Damage Restoration

Speedy Mitigation is Crucial for Water Damage Cleanup in Juno Beach

When a flood hits your Juno Beach home, you need to react fast. There’s no time to lose. Wet electrical outlets can put you and your loved ones at risk for electrocution. Standing water can cause serious structural damage as the wood framing swells and warps. Within a matter of hours mold can start to grow and, before you know it, you could have a serious toxic mold problem.

Dry Pro Water Fire Mold Inc offers water damage cleanup for residents of Juno beach. We’ll get rid of any standing water and dry out parts of your home that have become waterlogged. Our specially trained flood cleanup crew use the latest technology to ensure that your Juno Beach home is returned to its original condition.

Water Damage Inspection

When you call Dry Pro Water Fire Mold Inc, the first thing we do is an inspection. We need to figure out what caused the flooding. Was it a leak in the plumbing? A problem with the foundation? A winter thaw or overflowing river? This information will allow us to proceed in an informed way.

Then we will assess the damage. Using special tools and techniques, we can figure out where moisture is causing the most serious problems. These moisture content readings will tell us exactly what kind of steps we’ll need to take. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can give you an estimate of the time it will take to do the cleanup.

Get Rid of Standing Water

This is the first and probably the most time-sensitive task. Standing water can cause serious structural damage to your Juno Beach home. The types of tools we use depend on the severity and type of the flooding. Usually, we use special vacuums that are designed to suck up water or water pumps.

Drying After a Flood

Once the standing water has been removed, it’s time to start drying. This process involves a combination of air movers, fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters. As moisture evaporates into the air, it needs somewhere to go. The main idea here is to keep the air circulating around the house and out the windows and vents. If you have a carpet, we may need to lift it up to dry the underpad, which can act like a huge sponge. In some cases, the baseboards need to be temporarily removed to help the walls dry out faster.

Drywall and insulation are unfortunately very good at absorbing moisture. They’re also very difficult to dry out unless you have the necessary equipment. For this, holes will need to be drilled into the walls. This allows special water damage restoration equipment, such as mobile air movers, to be inserted into the walls to dry out the insulation.

It Takes Time to Dry Out a House

During the inspection, we’ll be able to estimate the amount of time our water damage cleanup will take. As the drying process continues, we’ll check in on the progress. Monitoring the dehumidifiers and the humidity levels in the air, our crew will aim to ensure that every part of your home is in a process of drying out. Once your home is completely dry, our work is done.

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